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Dr. Shonnard and his staff are great. He explained to me in detail all the options about my knee and shoulder problems.

Always enjoy seeing Logan. He took good care of me answered my questions and was very helpful on my next steps for my recovery without any hesitation I truly love this business office they have everybody’s wonderful.

Dr Shonnard is a caring and considerate orthopedic doctor. He listens to his patients and makes recommendations for which the patient can choose surgery or not. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His staff is very kind and helpful!

Everyone in the office was very kind and quick to get me checked in and seen. Logan was wonderful, he explained my MRI and Xray results in a way that made sense to me which has helped me better understand why my hip has been in so much pain. Not only did he answer all of my questions, but he was able to give me a hip injection during my visit. I was a little bit nervous, but he talked me through the injection process, and surprisingly it did not hurt at all. It was probably the easiest injection process I’ve had. Logan is very talented, and I am looking forward to working with Nevada Orthopedics.

Saw Logan with my wife for a shoulder issue she is/was having. Excellent bedside manner and great communication. Very clearly a committed and engaged practitioner. In general, I would highly recommend Nevada Orthopedics. I’ve separately consulted with Dr. Shonnard for my shoulder and am deeply impressed with his approach and perspective. I’m an athlete with somewhat of a medical background, and his willingness to go deep + wide with me in the contemplation of specific potential surgical interventions is/was greatly appreciated.Beyond that, a very warm and efficient office environment. Thanks and kudos.

We welcome the opportunity to share our experience concerning hip replacement surgery done by Dr Paul Shonnard.

My husband, Abel went to Dr Shonnards office with what we thought was the need for knee replacement surgery.  Our initial appointment was with Shana Fearnley, Dr Shonnards assistant. Watching Abel walking to the examining room, Shana questioned whether his knee pain was actually coming from his knee.  Through Shana’s experience, diagnostic skills and the x-rays she requested, it was determined Abel’s hip joint was completely gone. We are so thankful we did not have the knee replacement surgery only to find out the hip joint was causing the knee pain.

Meeting Dr Shonnard, coupled with our research on joint replacement surgeons in Reno, and Shana’s diagnostic abilities we were confident we had found the right practice.

Abel’s surgery went smoothly as did his recovery. His knee pain along with some of his back discomfort was eliminated with the hip replacement.

When choosing a surgeon, our main emphasis was on their surgical skills followed by a “bedside” manner allowing for open communication. Dr. Shonnard met our expectations in both regards. Our thanks to all the staff at Nevada Orthopedics for their contributions in making Abel’s surgery a good experience.

Abel and Judy Mendeguia

Dr. Malcarney was an awesome doctor. She explains things to where an average person can understand what was going on with their injury, how she was going to fix it and what she expected of you as a patient. Very professional in manner, as well as her staff.

I would recommend Dr. Malcarney to anyone who needs a shoulder repair. I will miss seeing her and her staff. Thank you guys for everything.

Truly yours,

Ginger W

Nevada Orthopedics is a top notch facility and as a concierge physician in town I have placed my trust in them hundreds of times with my patient referrals. The front office is well managed, pleasant and polite. The X-ray, nursing and PA’s are very good to interface with as well as being great at their jobs. The surgeons have shown excellent clinical judgment in knowing when to operate or not operate in addition to long term follow up. I am a fan of their surgical skills on a personal and professional level. I have the highest respect for Dr. Shonnard and Dr. Malcarney, recommending them and their office without hesitation.
Jay Schroeder M.D.

Dr Paul Shonnard is one of the finest physicians I have ever worked with. I have known him for many years dating back to residency in the 1990’s. He has always been meticulous in his pre-op planning and surgical techniques. I recently had the pleasure of spending two days observing Dr Shonnard in the office and the operating room. In addition to being a keen diagnostician he has been an innovator in techniques of hip arthroscopy.He is a very caring physician and his bedside manner is second to none. Each patient he sees is getting the best care possible. I have no reservations about referring family members or patients to him for surgical treatment.

In summary, any person who has Dr Paul Shonnard as their physician is in the excellent hands.

Jeremy Becker MD

Assistant Professor Dept of Orthopedic Surgery, University of New Mexico

I am a sports medicine orthopedic surgeon who performs over 350 arthroscopic surgeries per year including hip arthroscopy.  I have known Dr. Shonnard for 10 years.  He is a internationally known expert in hip surgery and speaks regularly at educational conferences.  When I needed arthroscopic surgery on both of my hips, Dr. Shonnard was the obvious choice.  My experience at Nevada Orthopedics was wonderful.  From the office staff, to my care the day of surgery, and post operatively the experience was stress free and comfortable.  The results of my surgery have exceeded my expectations.  I was back operating at 6 weeks and I am back on the mountain bike trails at 5 months.  I have the highest regards for Dr. Shonnard and his staff and would recommend the group to anyone looking for the most expert orthopedic care.  Sincerely John Franco, MD.
John Franco

As a health care professional I know that technical expertise is critically important, But when I became a patient I found what was most important to me was to be able to talk to my doctor honestly and have my questions answered clearly and completely. It made all the difference in the world in feeling confident that my shoulder and the rest of me were really cared for.

Happy Patient at Nevada Orthopedics in Polaris, NV
Happy Patients at Nevada Orthopedics in Reno NV
NV Orthopedics is the place to go ………


If you are looking for a good Orthopedic Doctor and staff that cares for their patients and do right by them, then you need to contact Dr Paul Shonnard and staff.

I’ve know Dr Shonnard for over 20 years and he has done surgery on me and my husband and everything turned out great.

Dr Shonnard doesn’t go right for surgery. He takes the time to look into the problem before he operates.

Try him you will love him,


Charles and Lois Ross

There are so many wonderful words to describe my adventure with Dr. Shonnard and all his people.  Enough to make a great movie! So I decided to write this poem to him to show my satisfaction.

Dr. Shonnard thank you,

for my 2 titanium hips

for my straight back

for my attractive walk

some days we walk through the forest, taking photos

some days we dance in the kitchen

some days we shop and dine out

Dr. Shonnard YOU are my superstar.



I have been a patient of Dr. Malcarney for a couple of years now. She has always gone the extra mile to make sure that I am comfortable through every step of my surgery and recovery. She has a way of making her patients feel comfortable when it comes to their shoulder needs. Dr. Malcarney is a very caring and very knowledgeable doctor that I would recommend to any of my family or friends. She goes out of her way to make the patient her first priority every day.



Michael J

Dr. Malcarney has done total replacements on both shoulders. Her approach both times has been straight forward, giving me the necessary information to be comfortable with the procedure. I have gotten along extremely well both times with great range of motion and no pain by my three month check up. I have recommended Dr. Malcarney to several other people with shoulder issues, knowing they would receive excellent and compassionate care.



Ann S

Dr. Malcarney has done two total knee surgeries for me and has treated a hand injury. She is one of the most professional and warm physicians I have ever had the honor of knowing. Through the expierences she has become a personal friend and we consider her part of our family.

My husband Ed went to Dr Malcarney for a shoulder surgery follow up. A fall in 84 injured Ed and he had a long road to recovery. He and Douc found a special bond and treatment that has turned into a lifetime friendship. Ed trusts Dr Hilary with his care and cares about her as a friend and family member, and they laugh together all the time.

Thank you Hilary!



Mary Lou and Ed Minoletti