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Shoulder Joint Replacement at at Nevada Orthopedics in Spanish Springs, NV

The shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any of the human joints and requires several muscles functioning in synergy to effectively achieve this movement.  Therefore, when any portion of your shoulder is not functioning optimally, pain may occur.  Many shoulder conditions can be successfully treated without surgery, however, sometimes surgery is necessary to repair a rotator cuff tendon or labral tear.  A shoulder joint replacement is sometimes recommended to treat severe arthritis or fracture.  Dr. Malcarney and Dr. Shonnard are passionate about assisting you in returning to a functional life either via conservative or surgical interventions.  Dr. Malcarney is one of the  regions only orthopedic surgeons with specialty fellowship training in shoulder reconstruction.  She works closely with the UNR Wolfpack student-athletes, and has an interest in teaching and implant design.